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A coach is "part consultant, part motivator ... works with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks helping them to define and achieve their goals -- career, personal, or most often both." (Newsweek, Feb 5, 1996)

Statements like:

"I want to start a new business"
"I'm so busy I never have time to enjoy"
"I have so many ideas but I never take action on them"
"I can't balance my work life and my personal life"
"I know I would get more done if I had to be accountable to someone else"
"I am concerned about my business"
"I have so many projects due at once, I am missing important deadlines"
"I don't have financial security for my family"

are one of the many unique reasons individuals seek coaching.

If any one of the above statements applies to you, or you have one of your own you would like to explore, then drop us a line.

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